Princeton Youth Hockey Association travel hockey program in Princeton, New Jersey

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To enter scores you need to go to the ADMIN tab at the top of the site. At the managers meeting, each manager was given a unique password to access their team. To enter scores, Click ADMIN and your password.  Go to your Team Page and click RESULTS.  Next to the game you played will be an icon that looks like a little notepad with a pencil. Click on this and you will open the page to enter your scores. Entering scores is MANDATORY now as our scheduler is required to provide them to NJYHL.

If you choose to enter stats (not required) you can click on the Sigma icon next to the game that you played. This will open up the Statistics screen and stats can be entered from there. If you have questions on the stats, once you click ADMIN again, there will be a tab that says Managers Manual. That should walk you through how to enter the stats. The system is NOT set up for anyone to view the stats except the manager. I will not open the stats page to the team or the public. If you choose to share stats with players, only give them their OWN stats, not anyone else’s. I strongly suggest that you don’t share team stats with anyone other than yourselves and the coaches.