Princeton Youth Hockey Association travel hockey program in Princeton, New Jersey

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Financial Assistance Request Procedure


The procedure below identifies the requirements for consideration for financial assistance awards to Lawrence Princeton Nassau Hockey Association (LPNHA) members for known available funding for the upcoming playing year.

1. The Prospective recipient must accept the roster spot on-line and then submit the completed financial aid application as posted on this website via email or regular mail (see address below) to our Accountant . The application is located in the DOCUMENTS tab of our web site located in the left side menu.

2. The LPNHA Board of Directors will evaluate each request based on the application and available funds.

3. Only applications completed in full will be evaluated.

4. The Treasurer will make recommendations to the LPNHA Board of Directors of potential grants.

5. The Treasurer will communicate acceptance or denial to each applicant in a timely manner.

7. Assistance is designed to supplement a family’s commitment to hockey. Level of assistance is at the discretion of LPNHA.  Assistance will be awarded based on need.


All requests must be received by July 1, 2021


Only one grant application should be filed annually for consideration.

CLICK HERE to download the Financial Assistance application.



Please send completed application form along with any documentation to:

LPNHA Accountant

Lawrence Princeton Nassau Hockey Association

PO Box 426
Windsor, NJ 08561-0426



All information will be kept strictly confidential.