Princeton Youth Hockey Association travel hockey program in Princeton, New Jersey

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Princeton Youth Hockey Association
Board of Directors 2020-2021



The President is responsible setting the tone for the Association.  The President presides over monthly Board meetings. The President is also the Chief Executive Officer of the Association and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees of the association.  The President may vote on any matter in order to determine the outcome of any motion before the Board.  

Vacant - Vice President

The Vice President is responsible for supporting the tone set by the President.  The Vice President shall perform all duties and exercise all powers of the President in the absence of the President. The Vice President shall perform such other duties as delegated by the President. 


The Treasurer is responsible for the funds of the Association and shall keep full and accurate accounts of said funds.  This position shall prepare an annual financial report to the Board.  This position is the chair of the Financial Assistance committee. 


The Secretary is responsible for keeping an accurate record of all meetings, including attendance.  The Secretary is responsible for the distribution of minutes of the meeting as well as responsible for maintaining an up to date directory of all members.  The Secretary maintains the permanent file of the association’s correspondence (including all insurance information) and shall prepare outgoing correspondence as requested.  

Board Member

Board Member

Board Member

Board Member

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Non-Board Member Responsibilities

Hockey Director
The Hockey Director reports to the Board of Directors and is responsible for supervising, evaluating and training the Association’s coaches as well as developing and maintaining a system of skill development for our players. The Hockey Director is responsible for communicating and maintaining records of Coaching Certification Requirements and ensures compliance with USA Hockey certification levels.  

Assistant Hockey Director
The Assistant Hockey Director reports to the Board of Directors and is responsible for assisting the Hockey Director in all on-ice hockey operations, including practice planning, game theory and skills clinic planning. The Assistant Hockey Director is also a coaching resource for all team head coaches, as well as the primary on-ice skills development coach for Tiger Cubs through 12U. 

Administrative Director

The Administrative Director is responsible for all administrative aspects of the Association.  This position reports to the Board of Directors and supervises the Scheduler, Webmaster, Registrar, Head Manager, Equipment Manager and all other volunteers.  This position is the outward facing representative of the Association and serves in an advisory role to the Board of Directors on rules, discipline and management.


The Registrar maintains the official team rosters.  The Registrar accepts all new registrations at tryouts and during the season.  


The webmaster is responsible for maintaining the Association website.

NJYHL Delegate

The NJYHL Delegate represents the Association at all NJYHL meetings.  The NJYHL Delegate is a voting member of the NJYHL and is responsible for disseminating information received at the NJYHL meetings to the Board and the Association.

Alternate NJYHL Delegate

The Alternate Delegate is responsible for attending the NJYHL meetings when the Delegate is not available.  The Alternate Delegate has all the responsibilities of the Delegate.

Master Scheduler
The Master Scheduler is responsible for securing locations and times for practices and games for all teams.  The Master Scheduler is responsible for scheduling all NJYHL games for all teams and for assigning referees for all games, both league and non-league.  Only the Master Scheduler can cancel NJYHL games. 

Head Manager
The Head Manager is responsible for convening the annual managers meeting.  The Head Manager is responsible for training new managers in their responsibilities to the Association and to NJYHL. 


Safe Sport Coordinator
The Safe Sport Coordinator is responsible for receiving, managing and mitigating Safe Sport issues in compliance with USA Hockey rules and regulations