Princeton Youth Hockey Association travel hockey program in Princeton, New Jersey

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Princeton Youth Hockey Association has the good fortune of being associated with Princeton University and the use of historic Baker Rink.  In order to continue this tradition, we need to be aware of and abide by the following guidelines.  These are for the wellbeing of players and spectators as well as a display of respect for the use of this facility.


·          There is to be NO sticks, balls, pucks, skateboards, etc. being used in the hallways or anywhere in this facility (sticks and pucks on the ice only).  This is not only for safety but for the care and wellbeing of this historic building

·          No playing, sliding, climbing on the railings of the stairways. 

·          Parents & Spectators—While we are all there to watch and enjoy our child's game, we must be mindful to our “littlest fans”.  There is to be no running in the hallways nor any horseplay in or outside the arena grounds. Please look after your children to ensure their safety.

·          When the zamboni doors are open, no players should be on the ice. At start of game, no players on ice until doors are closed.  At end of game, players should exit immediately to allow coaches to collect pucks and other belongings to clear way for the zamboni. 



·          Games & Practice—Once players are dressed, all of the items that will not be going on the ice with them must be stored in their bags and zipped up.  Bags need to be stored under the bench or in the hallway (if under the benches are not already used).  A clear walking space needs to be available for the next team. 

·          Cleanliness—all garbage (drink bottles, cups, tape balls, etc.) must be thrown away into the receptacle provided. Respect the rink and locker rooms.  Pick up after yourself and watch your behavior.  You represent PYHA and its program.

·          Parents of our younger players who still dress their children in the locker room need to be respectful to the older PYHA players.  If your child needs your assistance, please feel free to take care of this, but please display consideration and discretion when our older PYHA players need to share the locker room. 



·          Garbage—Please inform all parents and spectators that once the game has concluded, please make sure any garbage in the stands (coffee cups, soda cans, snack bags, etc.) are properly disposed of.  There are garbage cans conveniently located in the hallways.

·          Animals—Please keep your pets at home.