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Change Team: 
Sunday Afternoon Game
by posted 03/04/2021

Hello Again, 14U Families:

Thank you all for confirming the Sunday afternoon game at Jaguars for 12:50 pm. It will be a hectic day but good preparation for next weekend's tournament. (I still do not have the schedule for that so I will share that with you when I find out.) Below is the COVID rules, regulations and information for the Igloo at Mt. Laurel. Please complete the digital waiver before the Sunday afternoon game.

 The Igloo is located at 3033 Fostertown Road, Mount Laurel, NJ.

According to their manager, The only thing that they really enforce and it depends on who is at the front just that the spectators come in 5 minutes before.
1) An electronic waiver is required for all players and coaches to fill out at earliest convenience... and click on the "Rink Participants Sign Waiver Here"...
2) 20 minutes before game time, players can enter - there will be a designated place with social distancing inside for the team where they can dress …masks must remain on at all times except when playing on the ice. (Goalies can come in 30m minutes)
3) All must have temperature taken upon entering (there is an electronic temperature at the front desk)
5) Two spectators per player for Igloo games.  Please remember that masks are mandatory and keep a safe distance.
6) Spectators must not enter until 5 minutes prior to game time 
7) After the game, players are to quickly get undressed in their designated areas with their masks on and leave the building promptly as for sanitation purposes....Spectators are quickly to leave at the end of the game through the side exists located in the rinks.
See you all Saturday at Toms River!

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Corrections and Clarifications
by posted 03/04/2021

Hello 14U Familes,

I know there was a lot of information thrown at you yesterday so I apologize. I will keep this short and sweet.

1) Our game Sunday at Montclair is at 8:10 am. I apologize but one of our schedules was incorrect. I confirmed this time directly with Montclair's manager.

2) I need to let Jaguar's Manager know about Sunday's game at 12:50 pm. Coach Joe would like an exact head count because playing a second game short handed will be extremely rough. I am asking that you let me know if you CAN make it if I did not speak with you last night. 

So far I received an answer from Busa, O'Dell, Esposito, Lawrence, Shine, Cramers, Jenne. Could everyone else let me know by 3 pm today if you can make the second game on Sunday.



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Weekly Update
by posted 03/03/2021

Hello 14UA Families:

Last night around 11 pm, I received an email from the Jersey Wolves stating that one of their players tested positive for COVID. Luckily, I was able to find a game vs. Toms River Blackhawks 13 Pure team. That game will be played at Winding River Ice Rink (Inside) 1211 Whitesville Road, Toms River, NJ 08753. Game time is 4:15 pm so please arrive by 3:15 pm for warm-ups. 

No waivers, two parents per player.  Parents can check in at the lobby as soon as warm-ups finish. 

Players can enter 20 minutes prior to the start of the game to dress. Goalies can enter 30 minutes before the start of the game.

Sunday is our last league game vs. Montclair Blues back at Montclair State University Arena. 1 Hall Drive, Little Falls, NJ 07043. This game is on mite time, 8:10 am puck drop. Please arrive by 7:10 am for warm ups. Ouch!! I just double checked with Montclair's manager. It is an 8:10 start.

Montclair now permits two spectators per player but all spectators must be listed and submitted ahead of time. I put both parent's names as a spectator. If for some reason someone else is going instead of mom and dad, (i.e., Mom and Uncle Bob), please let me know by 11 pm this evening. I have to submit that list to their manager ahead of time. If you recall from the last time we played there, you must fill out their health check by using the link below.

You have to show the person at the door your phone the smiley face after completing the questionnaire. To make things easier, take a screen shot when you complete the questionnaire and show them at the door when they take your temperature. 

In my quest to find a new opponent, Jaguars 14U AA has ice available at the Igloo in Mt. Laurel at 12:50 pm on Sunday after the Montclair game. It should be a good match up. If you are not able to attend, please let me know ASAP so I can let the schedulers know and get a head count.

We decided not to play Hollydell next Tuesday evening. Getting down there on a weeknight is very difficult for most families. Thank you to all who responded. 

Still looking for someone to take on our team philanthropy activity. If you have any ideas, please let me know.

See you around the rinks.


Jim and Mike

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by posted 03/03/2021

Jersey Wolves had to cancel because of COVID. Game was rescheduled at Toms River. It is changed in the schedule. More information to follow.

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Next Weekend Please Respond ASAP
by posted 02/28/2021

Hello 14UA Families,
What an exciting weekend of hockey!  Great job by the boys. The manager of Hollydell Hurricanes asked if we would be interested in playing them during the week at their rink on Tuesday March 9th at 7:20 pm. I know getting there might be a challenge for some so let me know as soon as possible if you cannot make it. We are trying to get a head count. 
Also, next weekend we have two games in Montclair. Saturday, March 6 we play Jersey Wolves at 6:30 pm at Clary Anderson Arena and then we turn around and play our last league game vs Montclair Blues 8:10 am at Montclair State University Ice Arena. I am looking into getting a hotel so if you are interested, please let me know and I will work on getting us a team discount rate. Let me know your answer for both the Tuesday game and the hotel ASAP.

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Weekly Update
by posted 02/25/2021

Hello 14UA Familes,

You have heard of the novel A Tale of Two Cities. In the world of COVID-19 protocols, this weekend's games are A Tale of Two States. I have come to learn that the protocols in the northern end of the state are much stricter. Saturday's game vs. Hollydell Hurricanes at Hollydell requires no waivers. There will be temperature checks at the door and parents can either sit inside the rink or in the bar/restaurant upstairs. According to their manager, they allow 150 in the rink so they are usually not at capacity.

Please arrive by 4:55 pm for warm-ups. Hollydell Ice Arena is located at 601 Hollydell Drive, Sewell, NJ 08080. 

I double, tripled, and quadruple-checked the game for Sunday vs. Union Thunder at Union Sports Arena. Please fill out the online waiver listed in the link below.

COVID-19 Waiver for Visiting Teams


  • ALL visiting players, coaches, managers, and volunteers must complete this waiver prior to the game. If the participant is a minor (under the age of 18), a parent or guardian must complete the waiver on their behalf. You only need to do so once for entry to either rink (i.e., if you've already completed the waiver for a game at The Westfield Rink, you do not need to complete it again).
  • All skaters entering the facility must be fully dressed and wearing a mask. Skaters must carry their skates, helmet and gloves into the facility and to their designated changing area. No hockey bags will be allowed inside the facility, only small duffle bags permitted.

    • Temperature scan for all those in attendance will be done upon entering the facility.

    • Players may enter 15 minutes prior to their scheduled session; Goalies may enter 25 minutes prior with bags for their goalie equipment.

  • You are permitted 2 spectators per skater 

  • Live Barn is available 

  • Spectators will sit in designated areas and must remain in those designated viewing areas during all scheduled events. (VISITING TEAMS will be Upstairs Only on the Mezzanine Above the Locker Rooms & HOME TEAMS will be on the Cafe Mezzanine and/or Ground Level, away from Changing Areas) 

    • All spectators must remain socially distanced in the stands and bleacher areas.


    • Skaters will have only 10 minutes to remove their skates, helmet and gloves and exit the facility. Any additional changing must be done at/within your vehicle.

    • Masks must be worn when exiting the facility after all sessions.

Please arrive to Sunday's game by 10 am for warm-ups. Union Sports Arena is located at 2441A Route 22 West, Union, NJ 07083.


It is a little tricky to find. If you miss the turn, you can access the rink through the Shop Rite parking lot.


See you around the rinks this weekend,




Jim and Mike

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